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Bulk SMS Website


This is a complete bulk SMS website setup, it includes hosting, domain name registration, website design, ssl certificates, email account setup, security, online payment integration (voguepay or paypal) and much more

Product Description

The world is changing and in this changing world, there is one single medium that is changing the rules of the game: Text message, in another words, SMS, the single best online and offline marketing tool of the 21st Century.

This package comes with a complete bulk sms website setup. You don’t have to worry about anything…

We take care of it all…

you get:

  1. Simple user friendly admin interface where you can keep track of sales
  2. Friend updates
  3. Security
  4. online payment via mastercard, visa, credit card and paypal
  5. Hosting
  6. Free domain name
  7. Official email account (e.g
  8. SSL Certificate
  9. Email marketting (free for first month)
  10. Social Media paid advert (free for first month)
  11. Search Engine Optimization (Website optimization and submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  12.  A landing page for your company
  13. And much more


Rather than pay for these services individually, we have created this package to make things easier for you… Add to cart and our representative will contact you within 2 hours.

Or contact us now for more details.



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